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I hate Urban Decay. (Actually I LOVE Urban Decay) but the reason why I hate it is because they keep coming up with these gorgeous new palettes and products that we can’t resist buying! I mean, I’m still recovering from the Naked Basics high (I just got mine like a few weeks ago) and my Naked 2 and some other palettes haven’t even arrived yet and now Urban Decay goes on and releases this:


They are the Oz Palettes, and they are limited edition palettes inspired by the two witches in Disney’s movie Oz, The Great and Powerful.


The first palette is the Glinda Palette. It has the most gorgeous and magical looking cover!


The eye shadow colors inside look so pretty too, I love that two of the circles have duo colors! so instead of six different colors, you get eight!

The Second palette, which is called the Theodora Palette is a darker, more smokey and natural palette.

64280_ozpalette_theodora 64280_ozpalette_theodora_alt2 64280_ozpalette_theodora_alt3

They are both soooo super gorgeous and I want, want, WANT them! Unfortunately we do not have  a Sephora nor an Urban Decay from where I’m from 😦 I have already told my cousin who is coming to visit from the States to buy for me but right now it’s unclear to me if she was able to get her hands on them. She’s arriving this Thursday so we shall see!! wheeee! The suspense is killing me. I really hope she’s bringing it! If not, then well, I’ll just continue to stare at them. Le sigh.

What do you guys think of them? Would you buy them? Or have any of  you purchased them already?

You can find these palettes at the Sephora or Urban Decay websites.


Since before, I wasn’t really into eye shadows and make-up in general. Gasp, I know, sacrilege for  a girly girly such as me. I was really just happy to wear blush and lip gloss or lipstick everyday. For nights, I would just swipe on some random eye shadow and liner, whatever I had lying around the house.

All that changed when I succumbed to the lure of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. I have been hearing about it since before and a lot of my friends were raving about it. I only bought it last October and my gosh, seriously if you guys have not tried/bought this then I suggest you go out and buy yourself one right now.

OK I am by no means a make-up expert/”guru” so i’m not going to be giving any full blown review or tutorial. I’m just here to rave about it.

As mentioned above,I first got the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I loooove all the colors and I love how you only have to use so little and it immediately stamps a color across your lids. I also love how, when you use one color, they complement with everything else in the palette. I really think that once you go Urban Decay, you never go back! I don’t even feel like trying on any other kind of eye shadows anymore! Of course since UD has other palettes (most especially, other Naked versions, I just HAD to get them all.)

The latest version is the Naked Basics. It’s a palette that also has all neutral colors, but all in matte. It also only comes in 6 colors. I just got mine a few days ago, I have not used it yet but I just wanted to show you guys a comparison of the shades from the Naked Palette. (I wanted to put both palettes side by side so y’all can see the colors all together)


Here is a close-up of just the Naked Basics.


Hmmm, I would have wanted to put all three naked palettes side by side and all in this post, but my Naked 2 is still arriving next month. (yes, I know, I know, I just HAD to get all three!) I will definitely write another post on all three nakeds (if you guys aren’t tired of them yet! teehee!)

SO what do you guys think of the Naked Palettes? Do you have either one or all of them? Which one is your favorite? Would love to hear from you!